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    About us

    Meest China is an international postal and logistics company and a part of Meest Holding.

    The company specializes in goods delivery from China as parcels for personal use, as well as shipment of commercial goods for business customers.

    The headquarters of Meest China is located in Guangzhou, also there are representative offices in Poland, Uzbekistan, and Ukraine where the company is the market leader. In addition, Meest China runs its warehouses in China and Ukraine.

    • 30+ years of experience on the logistics market
    • 10 years of experience working with China
    • 5000m² our own warehouse in China

    How to receive your parcel from China


    Create Meest China account

    Register your Meest China personal account on the website or in the Meest China App. There you will find the address of our warehouse in China and your personal ID, which are necessary for placing orders on Chinese websites.


    Register on marketplace

    Register on Taobao, 1688, or Pinduoduo, and find the product you are interested in. Don’t forget to check the customs regulations of the destination country, as well as the list of items prohibited for import.


    Add warehouse address

    When placing your order, don’t forget to provide the address of our warehouse in China, where your goods should be delivered.


    Register the tracking number

    Get the tracking number from the seller and register it in your personal account, adding the warehouse services you need. Please keep in mind that delivery within China is not always free, so check the conditions with the seller. If delivery is chargeable, we will pay for it and issue you an invoice in your personal account.



    Form the parcel

    After your item arrives at our warehouse, form the parcel and wait for its dispatch. Please note that if any item prohibited for transportation by any means and violating international transportation rules arrives at the warehouse, it will be immediately disposed of without compensation for its value.


    Pay for the delivery

    Please pay the invoice for the delivery of your parcel before its dispatch.


    Receive your parcel

    Get your parcel at the Hermes branch or it will be delivered to your home by a courier.

    Popular Chinese marketplaces

    We recommend only those marketplaces with which we cooperate for many years.

    Our tariffs

    Air delivery from China to Germany

    from €14 -13%
    from €12.2 /kg
    Parcel <0.5 kg €7/parcel
    VAT 19%
    Preparation of parcel documentation €0.93/parcel

    Sea delivery from China to Germany

    from €6.5 -15%
    from €5.5 /kg
    Parcel <2 kg €12/parcel
    VAT 19%
    Preparation of parcel documentation €0.93/parcel

    Our services


    Upon arrival of your orders at our warehouse in China, you will get free photos from the receiving and processing area:

    — For parcels dispatched in one click (ready-to-ship items) — a photo of the packed parcel on the scales with the chinese tracking number.

    — For consolidated items with standard verification — a photo of the item without packaging on the scales.


    Order the verification of anything you need: measure the length of the insole or sleeve, count the number of buttons on a sweater, measure the distance between the wheels of roller skates, check whether the phone turns on or has the necessary firmware, etc.

    Additionally, the receiver will take 3-5 photos of the item with the packaging from different angles and send them to your personal cabinet. The photos will be available for one month, after which the link will become inactive.


    We check the product name, quantity, size (only alphanumeric values), and colour (not shade). If there is a discrepancy in the description or quantity, upon your decision we will either return the item to the supplier for replacement or refund.

    When the goods are received at the warehouse, the measurements (length, width, height) are taken as well as the weight is measured. If the volumetric weight of the product exceeds the actual weight by 2 times, then the cost of the «Verification» service will be calculated based on the volumetric weight, and not the actual.


    We can package your parcels in cardboard boxes, polyethene bags (lightweight packaging), or bubble wrap (for fragile items).

    When ordering the service «Product without verification» or «Product with verification,» for weight-saving purposes we automatically remove unnecessary factory packaging from the following types of items: clothing, shoes, bags.

    What can you buy in China?

    According to air delivery tariffs

    Hair care

    2 kg ≈ €25.30


    1.4 kg ≈ €18.00

    Kitchen appliance

    4 kg ≈ €49.70


    0.8 kg ≈ €10.70


    1 kg ≈ €13.10


    0.4 kg ≈ €8.00

    More opportunities for your business

    Collaborating with Meest China is not only a good deal, but also an opportunity to benefit from the support of our professionals, who have extensive experience and deep knowledge in international logistics.

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